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  1. Blaine Ewing

    Michael, I was invited to Anton Vreede’s home and was taken back his collection of your paintings. They were breath taking! Anton has passed on before he died he arranged for me to get a small painting o f yours.
    So my question is where do I go to see some of your paintings that are for sale?
    And do have shows here in the US?
    Many thanks,Blaine

    1. admin Post author

      Hello Blaine,
      How nice of Anton. Truly one of the angels in my life and a dear friend.
      No, I left my New York gallery in 2016 but I can of course direct you to my website:
      Also, I can mail you some images of recent work for sale if you’d like.
      If you are a friend of Anton’s there is no need to go through a gallery to purchase a work of mine.
      Warm regards,

    1. Michael Ryan

      Hello James,
      Sorry but I don’t quite understand the email you sent me.


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