The original painting (210×300 cm.) is part of the ING Bank Collection

“My love affair with the Café Américain in Amsterdam began back in 1982 when I first began drawing and pastelling there. That initial encounter occurred when a rainstorm forced me inside and I discovered this jewel of art nouveau architecture. After countless drawings, pastels, teas and beers over the years I realized it’s appeal was primarily the natural light pouring in the high windows that mixed with the electric light of the massive chandeliers. I loved sitting in the middle of it all noting the endless stream of characters that passed through this amazing interior.”

General points for handling your giclée print

It is recommended to take your print directly to the framer, in its packaging. However, if you want to unpack your print at home, here are some general handling guidelines:

Use clean, dry hands at all times to handle your print (or, even better, white cotton gloves) as skin oils can stain the paper;

Use two hands to support your print so it will not bend as dents and creases in the print are also likely to be permanent;

Hold your giclée print only at the very edges of the paper to avoid finger-smudges on the face of the print which will be very difficult or impossible to remove;

Use a clean and dry, flat, smooth and hard surface for laying your print out (face up);

Keep your new giclée print covered with the acid-free tissue paper (or the acid-free protective sleeve for smaller prints) in which it was packed by us, until it is framed, to avoid damage.

Framing your giclée print

Ask for archival, acid-free materials for mats and backing, as this will add to the life of the print.Non-reflective glass – ideally UV protected – is also definitely worth the additional investment for displaying and protecting your print. As the signature is on the reverse side, ask your framer to allow an opening behind the frame to permit viewing.

As with any fine piece of art, giclée prints should be displayed in indirect lighting conditions and away from any contact with moisture.