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As far as “podcasts” go, I’d pretty much restricted myself  to “This American Life”, listening attentively while furiously going nowhere on my partners crosstrainer. I’ve an artist friend who listens to podcasts while working in her studio, inconceivable to me. But I do get it, it occupies her conscious mind and allows her unconscious free rein.I tried it myself and quickly just froze in place. Split in two, a multi-task too far. I’m comfortable with the abstraction of music that supports my emotional state while painting.

It was probably something I noticed in an Instagram post that first led me to the Savvy Painter Podcast. Hosted by Antrese Wood, an artist herself, the podcasts are packed with every conceivable subject matter connected with producing art. Inspiration, techniques, galleries, social media, studio practice, creating websites, blogging, color theory, art licensing….well, you get it: A wonderful and much needed resource for practicing artists.

So, I was delighted a few months ago when I was approached by Antrese to take part in a live Zoom interview for the program. With the help of my partner, a coach who has been forced to conduct her sessions on the internet this past year, I learned the ins and outs of this new medium.

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